Introduction to Psychoanalysis Program   

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The Introduction to Psychoanalysis (IP) Program is designed to provide a foundation in the principles, theories, and techniques of psychodynamic psychotherapy.  Participants in this program are mental health professionals who wish to develop and hone their clinical skills through classroom learning, mentoring and clinical case discussions.  Participants will gain the support and confidence necessary to develop or expand their private practices or work more effectively with patients in community mental health agencies, schools, universities, and health care settings.  Although this program provides participants with a certificate of completion, many are stimulated to continue their training, and opt to enroll in the more in-depth program offered at our Institute.  Should Candidates choose to continue their training with NJI beyond the 1-year program, all course credits will be applied toward the 5-year program.


Registration is open to mental health professionals and/or individuals associated with the helping professions who possess a minimum of a Master‘s Degree or the equivalent.  A member of the NJI's admissions committee will interview potential Candidates for admission.

Program Requirements

  • Course Work — The curriculum is comprised of 6 courses. Candidates are encouraged to proceed at their own pace.
  • Personal Analysis — Not required but strongly recommended
  • Supervision — Not required but strongly recommended

Class Schedule and Time

  • Beginning October, 2017

Tuition and Fees

  • Registration fee per semester: $50
  • Tuition per course: $350 
  • PEP-Web Online Psychoanalytic Library: $40 
  • PACO Membership fee: $25
  • Payment plan available


  • Basic Concepts in Psychoanalysis
  • Psychoanalytic Theory of Early Development
  • Case Seminar: Clinical Considerations 
  • Introduction to Freud
  • Developmental Theory: Latency Through Adolescence
  • Case Seminar: Clinical and Ethical Considerations

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