1-Year Group Psychotherapy Training Program 

Applications currently being accepted


This is a concentrated, psychodynamically oriented training program designed for mental health professionals in private practice or agency settings. It offers training in both long-term and time-limited group therapy, and includes work with special populations.

Through careful  instruction, professionals will learn how to use group techniques to enhance all their clinical work and expand their practices. The program begins by preparing the therapist to start a group.  It then proceeds to guide the student through each step—from establishing a group through maintaining a group—first under supervision and then as a certified group psychotherapist.


Registration is open to mental health professionals and/or individuals associated with the helping professions who possess a minimum of a Master‘s Degree or the equivalent.  A member of the NJI's admissions committee will interview potential Candidates for admission.

Program Requirements

  • Completion of one year of coursework (offered in three semesters) 
  • Leading a group under supervision for at least one year
  • Personal group therapy for at least one year
  • Final written or oral case presentation

Class Schedule and Time 

  • Afternoons: 10:15 am-12:00 pm

  • Evenings: 8:00 pm-9:45 pm
  • Classes start: October 2014

Tuition and Fees 

  • Registration fee per semester:  $50
  • Tuition per semester (includes group supervision): $675 
  • PEP-Web Online Psychoanalytic Library: $40 
  • Payment plan available


The program consists of three trimesters of eight sessions each. It is presented as a combination of group theory, group supervision, and process group experience, giving the Candidate the opportunity to become immersed in a group environment. The result is an in-depth understanding of how group works and how it helps. Clinic techniques in working with a group are a integral part of this learning process.

Topics Covered

  • Resolving concerns about starting a group
  • Managing aggression in the group setting
  • Patient selection, and pre-group preparation
  • Working with transference and countertransference in groups
  • Managing resistance and premature termination
  • Group techniques
  • Role of the leader; the question of transparency
  • Variations in group format (e.g., time limited, special populations, etc.)


Certification will be awarded by NJI upon completion of the program. The curriculum includes requirements toward certification by the National Registry of Certified Group Psychotherapists.