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The New Jersey Institute for
Training in Psychoanalysis

An exceptional treatment and accredited educational facility, integrating contemporary and traditional psychoanalytic training for over forty years


Initiated by Freud’s groundbreaking theories and refined and developed through the last century and up to today, psychoanalysis relies on talk therapy. The psychoanalytic method defines the cutting edge of effective, substantive mental health intervention.

Psychoanalysis is based on the recognition that individuals are often unaware of many unconscious factors that determine their emotions and behavior. These may create states of unhappiness or confusion, problems in work or in love relationships, disturbances in mood and self-esteem, or perhaps a sense of general overall dissatisfaction.

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  • Theoretical Foundation -From the classical to the most recent advances in depth and in perspective with each other
  • Self-Analysis – A deep and complete psychoanalytic treatment hones your most important tool, yourself, into a precise implement
  • Supervision – Be effective for clients, learn techniques and gain perspective to see and feel what the client is revealing, get support and protection from the burdens of the work
  • In the Room Work and Experience – Work at the clinic to build experience, serve the community, and add a critical dimension to the learning process


Our mission is to provide professional training in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy and to apply these principles to therapeutic services for the public, offering treatment for children and adults at reduced fees, to the benefit of underserved communities.

NJI seeks to advance the study and practice of psychoanalysis. Our community enjoys collegial networking and ongoing professional development through participation in NJI’s various events and activities. Among these opportunities we include our annual conference, symposiums, workshops, study groups as well as our annual social events. Our community is passionate about the benefits of psychoanalysis and aspires toward broadening awareness and understanding among mental health professionals as well as the community at large.

Our standards require that candidates approach the study and practice of psychoanalysis with measurable academic preparation, that they pursue their work with us in a scholarly manner consistent with goals set out in our curriculum and that while engaging in this work they do so within legal, ethical and professional guidelines. We expect candidates, through their own life experiences, classroom learning, clinical supervision and personal analysis to develop an analytic attitude founded on classical analytic discoveries; that is, they will expand their knowledge of the role of the unconscious as first articulated by Sigmund Freud while giving full consideration to current theories and research. Our standards include intellectual and practical flexibility – i.e candidates must understand themselves and their patients through more than one analytic perspective. We also expect candidates to demonstrate sensitivity and respect for the contributions of instructors, peers and patients with diverse lives and backgrounds. Finally, our standards require that the title psychoanalyst is achieved not only when these measures are complete but also when candidates’ patients are able to leave our care able and willing to make real changes in their own real worlds.

The Membership Organization of the New Jersey Institute (MONJI) includes graduates of NJI as well as graduates of other psychoanalytic institutes who elect to join. Advanced NJI candidates may become non-voting members of MONJI. Our institute benefits from a diverse membership encompassing a variety of cultural backgrounds and unique life experience. MONJI attempts to address the professional and networking needs of its members within a collegial atmosphere.

NJI is an approved provider for Continuing Education for psychoanalysts in New Jersey.


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