Why Play Therapy?

By Wendy Winograd, DSM Sometimes I get questions from teachers and parents about the value of play therapy. Why, they ask, should students who are behaving badly in the classroom be rewarded by getting to come to my office to play?  How will playing with my child improve her behavior? Most psychotherapists would agree that

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How Suppressed Emotions Enter Our Dreams and Affect Health

Research on Dreaming Informs the Discussion of Cultivating Emotional Balance By Grant Hilary Brenner, M.D What happens when we put something out of our minds? What happens when we shut down that “negative” emotional state and get on with the day without giving it another thought? There is a tension between models of personal change

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Why Does Your Therapist Ask About Your Childhood?

By Harvey Schwarz, MD “I don’t want to waste my time digging into my past” is a common refrain from patients. In fact, in many ways our adult lives are both enriched and limited by our childhood experiences and perceptions. The warmth of a mother’s love is the template for all future tenderness. The pain

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