The curriculum includes the first three years of the psychoanalytic program (18 courses) with a written case presentation and oral exam at the end of the three years. Candidates may then elect to continue and finish the last two years for certification in psychoanalysis. Registration is open to all mental health professionals and/or individuals associated with the helping professions who possess a minimum of a Master‘s Degree.

  • Personal Analysis—A minimum of 300 hours of personal analysis at two-times-per week although three times per week is recommended.
  • Control Analysis—There will be one year of supervision, followed by two different control analysts of one year each.Candidates will remain in control analysis until certified. Throughout the program, all clinical work is supervised by Institute supervisors and control analysts. First-year candidates and those who are waiting to meet the requirements for affiliation with the Clinic of NJI Inc., must be in psychoanalytic supervision. Control analysis is the term given to focused and continuing psychoanalytic supervision of a psychoanalytic case. Candidates are engaged in control analysis on a weekly basis from the time they affiliate with the Clinic of NJI, until their training has been completed.