Frequently Asked Questions

Anthony Breit, LCSW
Clinic Director
201- 836- 1066 ex. 1

The Psychoanalytic Clinic of NJI has been providing services since 1972. It was created
to provide low-cost therapy to individuals in the community who couldn’t otherwise
afford high quality treatment, no one is turned away because of limited financial

The Clinic offers psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for adults, adolescents, and
children. The Clinic does not provide psychiatric treatment or medication.

Our therapists include externs, interns, and psychoanalytic candidates, all of whom are
supervised by experienced supervisors and seasoned psychoanalyst with years of

Prospective Clinic Patients

If interested in our services:

Call our clinic and speak with our clinic director. In this initial conversation you can
discuss your needs, concerns, and questions regarding initiating psychotherapy.
Every effort will be made to schedule an appointment with one of our therapists within
48 hours.
Our services are private and confidential.
The Clinic complies with HIPAA We Treat:
• Depression
• Bi-polar/Unipolar disorders • Anxiety
• Phobias
• Impulse control disorders
• Personality Disorders • Trauma
• Dissociative disorders • Eating Disorders
• Addiction/Substance abuse • Domestic Abuse
• Grief and loss
• Change of life/ Adjustments • Relationship issues
• Divorce and separation • Infidelity
• Parenting issues
• School related issues
• Therapists that have experience treating patients in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Non-Discrimination Policy
The Clinic does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin,
ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious belief or
Supervision is paramount at The Psychoanalytic Clinic of NJI and our interns will meet
weekly with a clinical supervisor. Interns will perform one on one clinical psychotherapy
with their assigned clients and confer with clinical supervisor and clinic director as needed.
Intern may be called upon to assist in outreach or prep for institute functions such as
conferences and symposiums. Most of our interns will have somewhere between 7-11 clients
in their workload at a given time. We are a psychoanalytic clinic and it is important that
interns have the willingness to think analytically. That being said, we encourage the student
to use what they know and use all modalities in order to meet the client’s needs. This
internship is ideal for driven students who would like to work towards going into private
practice. This is an in-person assignment. During heightened COVID periods we will make
virtual an option and consider this experience part of the education of actually being in
private practice. PPE (masks, disinfectant, hand sanitizer) are supplied.

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