Clinic Referrals

Prospective Affiliate Mental Health Organizations

The NJI Clinic will be as a referral service to Clinic Affiliates who are qualified members of an advanced post-graduate accredited psychoanalytic training institute for the purposes of psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic diagnosis and treatment of patients; as a consultation center to other agencies including public and private schools, police departments, family service agencies, youth guidance councils, and others; to promote the education of the public and of mental health professionals in relation to mental health. The Affiliates of the NJI Clinic will be involved in training and research to improve their own skills and to add to the cumulative knowledge of psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic practices and principles.

If you are chronically in touch with people who are in need of mental health services, please let us know how to contact you so we can provide you with a clear presentation of how the NJI Clinic works and how we might coordinate our efforts to support the community.

Candidates and Therapists Serving Clinic Patients

If you are building a practice and are in need of a professional office chronically or from time to time, please let us know what you need and we will provide you with the terms of utilizing one of NJI’s offices.

Clinic Referral Form