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Are you graduating or already have a Masters Degree?

Are you looking to enhance your skills, to help people, and broaden your professional network?

Are you looking for a different career or to feel fulfilled in your life by sharing your power of empathy and compassion?

The New Jersey Institute for Training in Psychoanalysis has the answers you need!  We cordially invite you to join our faculty, members and candidates for a digital Open House to explore and learn about our comprehensive curriculum and the benefits of psychoanalytic training.

°  Enhance your knowledge and build your private practice at the same time.
°  Examine the concepts that impact drive theory, self psychology, object relations, life history, attachment, developmental, and relational theories Deepen your knowledge of psychodynamic factors to find out how neuroscience has added to and validated the teachings of psychoanalysis.
°  1-year Child and Adolescent Studies Program
°  1-year Group Psychotherapy Programs
°  Become a NJ State Board Approved Clinical Supervisor with our 20- week clinical social work supervision course
°  2-year Supervision of the Psychoanalytic Process Program (one year of academic work and one year of additional supervision)
°  Become part of our networking community and attend our conferences, workshops, and scientific meetingsThe New Jersey Institute for Training in Psychoanalysis is a long-standing Institution with a record of scholarship and clinical service to the community. We provide insight to practitioners as well as methods and theories on how best to approach the various challenges associated with treating patients.

Take the next step in developing your clinical knowledge & skills

Please Click Here to RSVP to attend our Open House.

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