Project Description

Advanced Psychoanalytic Certification Program

NJI offers a postgraduate training program for licensed mental health professionals as well as graduate level professionals in a variety of disciplines. This program gives its Candidates the ability to begin or expand their private practice while enhancing their clinical expertise. Our program is the first formal psychoanalytic training program for non-medical professionals in the State of New Jersey to be accredited by the American Board for Accreditation in Psychoanalysis, Inc. (ABAP). Our training programs are committed to developing and enhancing excellent clinical skills in an atmosphere of stimulating dialogue and instruction.

The Advanced Psychoanalytic program has been designed to enrich the work of clinical practitioners and professionals in various disciplines by introducing them to psychoanalytic principles, theories, and techniques. This program provides Candidates with a multi-faceted exploration of the theories and principles of psychoanalytic thought. Observations regarding unconscious mental functioning, symbolic representations in thought and action, the analytic relationship, and the role of the past in the present provide a foundation for the consideration of more than a century of developments in psychoanalytic theory and technique. Through a combination of personal analysis, close supervision, and a broad exposure to the history of psychoanalytic ideas, observations, and theories, our extensive clinical training fully prepares Candidates for the close clinical interactions inherent in psychoanalysis. NJI is dedicated to ultimately guiding Candidates toward becoming accomplished, compassionate, broadly trained psychoanalysts. Read More… 

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