Project Description

The Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program

The Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Studies Program will provide a theoretical framework and practical approach to understanding human development which will, in turn, enhance clinical skills. Participants will increase their knowledge of how the mind of the child unfolds through patterns of behavior, attachment styles, regression, repetition, fixation, and the development of personality. Untangling the web of conflict between parent and child will be explored through the lens of developmental milestones.

The Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Studies Program is designed to provide a foundation in the principles, theories, and techniques of psychodynamic psychotherapy with children and adolescents. Participants in this program are mental health professionals who wish to develop and hone their clinical skills through classroom learning, mentoring and clinical case discussions.

The participants in this program will gain the support and confidence necessary to develop or expand their private practices or work more effectively with patients in community mental health agencies, schools, universities, and health care settings.

Upon completion of the program, a certificate in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy will be awarded.

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