PLEASE NOTE: Ticket Registration is NOT the same as ZOOM registration.

Before the event you will receive a ZOOM REGISTRATION for the webinar. 

This step involves entering your name and email. If you do not complete this you will not receive the link to the webinar. 


The link for the event will be provided after your Zoom registration.

For this event attendance will be monitored.  In order to receive CE credits attendees must arrive on time and their cameras have to turn on for the duration of the conference.

Attendees must make sure both their personal computers and Zoom apps are updated to the current version.

If attendees are using someone else’s Zoom account or their personal account is using a different name or “nickname” than the one given at registration,  it’s crucial to rename/change the screen name to the attendees registered full name (this includes first and last name) for NJI to monitor attendance properly. NJI can’t guarantee CE’s credits otherwise.