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Supervision of the Psychoanalytic Process Program

Supervision is the cornerstone of all mental health professionals. Yet the skills of an effective therapist are not necessarily the same as those needed to be an effective supervisor. By interweaving scholarly training, and relevance through “practical” experience,  The Supervision of the Psychoanalytic Process Program provides a unique opportunity to receive training in the principles of supervision while enhancing clinical skills.

In addition to relevant readings, this program offers intensive clinical experiences through observation of live supervisory sessions.  Integral to the program is the opportunity to supervise therapists on a weekly basis. This hands on approach is critical to integrating the skills necessary to practice excellent supervision. The goal of this hands-on approach is to enhance effective training by directly experiencing the teaching-learning issues that inevitably arise in the supervisory work, thus translating theoretical knowledge into effective practice.

Requirements for Admission:

Candidates must be graduates of NJI, graduates of another recognized psychoanalytic school, or supervisors doing psychoanalytic supervision in an established psychotherapeutic agency.


  • $1550.00 includes registration
  • Annual PEP-Web Online Psychoanalytic Library: $50


  • Completion of the formal academic one year course of study
  • The second year after completion of the formal course of study, the Candidate continues offering weekly low-cost supervision with oversight of the program director.
  • Upon completion, Candidates will receive a Certification in the Supervision of the Psychoanalytic Process

Class Schedule and Time

  • Every Wednesday or Thursday night from 6:45-8:15 PM for 3 semesters at 8 sessions each.

Eligibility for NJI Control Status

The Training Board devised three categories demarcating the process of obtaining eligibility for control status. We attempted to offer clarity and fairness to the process.

Category One

For Candidates who received certification from NJI and complete our program “Supervision of the Psychoanalytic Process”

  • This program involves one year of formal coursework, three semesters of weekly class sessions.
  • The Candidates are required to offer low cost supervision to our incoming first year students.
  • The second year of this program requires that the Candidate continue offering low cost supervision.
  • At the end of this second year the Candidate is eligible to be considered for control status.

Category Two

For Professionals who have not taken our supervisory program:

  • They have post five years of certification as a Psychoanalyst obtained from another accredited Psychoanalytic Institute.
  • They have completed three years (as defined as one semester per year) of successful teaching at New Jersey Institute.

Category Three

For Professionals who have demonstrated a significant contribution to the mental health field either by educational leadership and/ or extensive publications

  • They have a certification as a Psychoanalyst from an approved Psychoanalytic Institute.
  • They have completed two years of teaching (as defined by one semester per year) at New Jersey Institute.
  • The Training Board will review everyone who reaches eligibility in order to make a determination to offer control status.

Low Cost Supervision Group for Professionals

The New Jersey Institute offers a low-cost supervision group with a well trained leader. This group offers an opportunity to discuss clinical cases and obtain guidance and assistance from an experienced supervisor. Participants will also profit from the input of their peers.

Join the group to learn and enhance your clinical skills, work in more depth and be better able to keep clients.

A Master’s Degree, all mental health professionals.


  • $150 ($25 per session)

Please call: 201-836-1065 to register for this group.

Clinical Social Work Supervision Course (20 Weeks)

Looking to Become a NJ State Board Clinical Supervisor?

Meet the requirements for becoming a Board-approved Clinical Supervisor for the New Jersey State Board of Social Work Examiners during your lunch time at The New Jersey Institute.  We offer a 20-week, exciting and vital course to fulfill the demands for supervision licensure in a supportive, friendly environment.


Must be a LCSW with a minimum of 3 years of licensure as a LCSW.

Schedule and Time 

  • Every Wednesday 12:30 PM -1:30 PM
    Please call the administration office at 201 836-1065 for starting date.

Tuition and Fees

  • $450 (includes registration fee)


Verification of 20 continuing education credits will be awarded upon completion of the course. This course has been approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors and the New Jersey State Board of Social Work Examiners.